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Join the disCussion.
Share Ideas. Connect.

WebCusso offers a revolutionary platform for Universal Public Commenting and Community engagement over webpages, via our powerful Browser Extension.


Empowering Online Discourse

    WebCusso is a revolutionary universal Public Commenting Platform that transforms the way users engage with web contents. As a browser extension, WebCusso seamlessly integrates into users' browsing experience, allowing them to participate in discussions on any webpage across the internet with ease. With real-time updates and threaded discussions, WebCusso enhances the quality and interactivity of online conversations. By providing a universal platform for engaging discussions, WebCusso empowers users to connect, share ideas, and explore diverse perspectives across the web.

Convenient Browser Extension 

WebCusso, with its Browser extension, provides a dynamic platform for threaded discussions and real-time updates, empowering users to engage in meaningful conversations across the web. 

  • Install the extension.

  • Find WebCusso icon at the top right corner of your browser window.

  • Click it and login to WebCusso via your Google Account.

  • Now, when you visit any webpage, open the WebCusso extension and you can immediately see the ongoing disCussion under that URL,

  • or you can start the disCussion by making the first comment. 


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Real-Time Interactions

Enhanced Community Engagement

Empower Your Browsing

Seamless Threaded Conversations

Engage in seamless and organized discussions with our intuitive threaded conversation feature, designed to enhance collaboration and interaction.

Universal Commenting System

Experience the convenience of universal commenting, allowing you to share your thoughts and opinions on any webpage with ease. You don't need to login at every websites you visit.

Special benefits for Token Holders

Join our tokenomics system to learn more about the Benefits for Holders, Reward Point Center for active participation and engagement within the WebCusso community.

Democratizing Web Engagement

Our mission is to democratize the browsing experience, empowering every user to contribute to online discussions and share their perspectives.


Designed for Engagement, by Innovators

On visiting any webpage, just open the WebCusso Extension from your browser, and engage with the ongoing discussion right away. If no previous thread exist on that specific webpage, you can start the discussion yourself with no hassle.

Phase 1 Focus: Universal Commenting

Real-Time Interaction Capabilities

Engage with Ease

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Community Voices

Always wished if I can get first hand opinions on netflix movies by others. Netflix never gave this session where users could share their reviews. But with WebCusso I am happy to know that I will be able to engage with first hand reviews. And I am happy that I can share my reviews as well.

Elise RK, Tech Enthusiast

“With WebCusso, I am excited to get connected to a larger community of thinkers, sharing insights and perspectives without limitations.”

Lance D, Content Creator

Every platforms that doesn't organically support discussion portal there, WebCusso is an ultimate solution; be it Netflix or Prime, Binance or, WebCusso is bringing a wonderful platform for web discussions.

Julia Zolts, Blogger

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Prepare to immerse yourself in a new era of web engagement with WebCusso's innovative discourse platform.

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