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 The Future of Public Commenting Online Starts Here! At WebCusso. we’re paving the way for a transformative journey into the world of enhanced web engagement. Our roadmap details the innovative steps we are taking to create a universally connected digital community.

  • Phase 1: We're laying the groundwork with a robust infrastructure and essential functionalities to ensure a seamless WebCusso experience.

  • Phase 2: Get ready for specialized Suites tailored to Education, Professional needs, Creative endeavors, and Personal use. Each Suite offers a unique set of features designed to supercharge your online activities. 

  • Phase 3: Buckle up for cutting-edge AI integration! Phase Three unlocks groundbreaking tools and features that will revolutionize the way you interact with the web.

      We're passionate about building a platform that evolves with your needs. Join us on this journey as we shape the future of meaningful web discussions!

PHASE    1

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Apr 2024

Apr 2024 - July 2024

The    Prototype

Prototyping the Extension and its web functionalities. 



Development of the Project.

Development started on April 21st.

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June 2024

Token   CreAtion   And   LAUNCHING

Discover how $WEBCXO tokenomics redefines the online experience. We're building a platform by the people, for the people, of the people. Join the $WEBCXO world, unlock exclusive benefits, and be a part of the web's next evolution.
$WEBCXO goes beyond funding – it fuels a user-driven platform, rewards quality content, and unlocks exclusive features.
Read More on this exciting Tokenomics. 

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July 2024


This July, the way you interact online is about to change! WebCusso is launching its groundbreaking website and Chrome extension, offering users unprecedented capabilities to share public opinions and comment directly on any webpage. Get ready to be part of a revolution in online communication with WebCusso.

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Aug 2024


 This optimization phase tackles scattered conversations.

1. Merging Similar Threads:

  •  Different URL, but same webpage: The system will automatically identify and merge discussion threads created to the same webpage, but created under different URL as a matter of  URLs having slight variations (e.g., presence or absence of tracking parameters, or page has dynamic links). This will prevent duplicate discussions and consolidate information for users.

2. Grouping Low-Traffic Discussions:

  • Domain-Wide Grouping: For domains with a total comment count less than 100 across all pages, WebCusso will group discussions from different pages within that domain.

  • Subtext for Origin: Each comment within a group will display a subtext indicating the specific page where it originated (e.g., "/about" or "/products"). This helps maintain context while creating a more engaging experience for users browsing discussions on smaller websites.

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Sept 2024



Exciting developments are on the horizon this September as WebCusso integrates our official $WEBCXO token into the platform. Token holders, can connect the wallets to their profiles, and will be able to access a range of special benefits that enrich the browsing and commenting experience. Prepare for a richer, more interactive engagement on every webpage you visit with WebCusso!
Read More about the Holders' Benefits.

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Oct 2024



This October, WebCusso will launch The Point Center! This innovative system will significantly boost content quality and interaction across the platform. Every term—weekly, monthly, and annually—top participants on the leaderboard will earn exciting rewards, funded directly from the platform's revenue. This continuous reinvestment into our community ensures that your contributions don't just enrich discussions, they also bring tangible returns.

Read more about the Point Center

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Nov 2024


No matter your preferred browser, WebCusso will be there to empower your online interactions. This expansion ensures everyone can participate in meaningful discussions and unlock the full potential of the WebCusso experience. In addition to the Google Chrome release in July, WebCusso will be made available to Safari, Edge and Firefox in Q4 of 2024.

With this expansion, WebCusso transcends limitations. No matter your browser of choice, you can participate in meaningful online conversations and unlock the full potential of the WebCusso experience. 

Stay Tuned for Launch Dates: We'll be announcing specific launch dates for each browser store as we approach August. Get ready to experience the web in a whole new light with WebCusso!

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Dec 2024


   The future of online discussions arrives with the groundbreaking transformation of the WebCusso homepage. Imagine effortlessly navigating conversations – our intuitive search function will help you find discussions by topic, website, or even movie title. No more scattered threads! WebCusso will intelligently group discussions from the same domain, allowing you to explore all the conversations happening on your favorite platforms with a single click. Stay tuned for a homepage that empowers you to curate your online experience and delve deeper into the discussions that matter most. Read More ->

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Jan 2025


   Discussions in your pocket! We'll be launching dedicated Android and iOS apps later this year, extending WebCusso's reach and fueling user engagement with a seamless mobile experience. Stay tuned for discussions on the go!

PHASE    2

Stay tuned for the release of an exciting Roadmap of the Phase 2.
Phase 3 follows soon after.

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