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Token name: WebCusso

Ticker: $WebCXO

CA: 0x29d25F06Ec73238DFc64f2cEE6AdD40c4Ea0c1E8

Built on: BASE
Total Supply: 1 Billion

Supply Proportion: 10% by the team, 10% for future developments,

     10% for Marketing and CEX listing, 70% Liquidity Pool

TAX: 2.75%

     Welcome to WebCusso, the revolutionary platform that transforms the way you interact with the web. WebCusso enables real-time, in-depth discussions on any webpage through a seamless browser extension, fostering a vibrant, global community.  Imagine a web experience free from intrusive ads, where discussions truly belong to the users.  That's the vision behind WebCusso, and to achieve it, we're introducing the $WEBCXO token, built on the efficient BASE chain. This innovative token isn't just about raising funds for development, marketing, and ongoing platform maintenance, $WEBCXO empowers YOU, the user, and fuels a truly democratic discussion experience.

      Crypto token stands as an ideal solution for the platform because it helps in raising fund for the creation and as well as running of the project, and especially since this project is more democratically correct, discussion threads are created by the users rather than developers of that website/project, for the users to discuss every aspect of the website/project even negative comments without having to fear the mods, and discussion threads controlled by the Community of the users with the usage of upvoting and downvoting options within discussions, and thus with Crypto as the financing means and majority of the tokens being released to the circulation supply, the platform becomes truly for the people, by the people and of the people.

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Token Details

Ticker name: $WebCXO
Contract Address: 0x29d25F06Ec73238DFc64f2cEE6AdD40c4Ea0c1E8
Chain: BASE
Total Supply: 1 Billion

Private Sales: No
Airdrops: No
Can Mint tokens: No

Liquidity Pool: Uniswap v2
Liquidity Pool Supply: 700Million (70% of total supply)
Liquidity Locked: Yes, 100% Burned

Buy/Sell Tax: 2.75%
Auto Liquidity: 0.5% (18.18% of the Tax Collected is added back to the
liquidity pool for every single trades as Auto-Liquidity and those LP tokens are burned

Whitelist: No
Blacklist: No
Anti whale mechanism: No

Ownership Renounced: Yes
Contract Modifiable: No
Tax Modifiable: No

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WEBX Token Distribution.png
WEBX Token Distribution.jpg
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for Seamless Integration

In this section, we delve into the comprehensive details of WebCusso's tokenomics, outlining the strategic foundations that sustain and propel our platform forward. Introducing the $WebCXO token, crafted on the innovative Base blockchain, this initiative is central to driving development, marketing, and community engagement. Utilizing Base blockchain allows us to benefit from lower transaction fees while retaining the security advantages of the Ethereum network. This section will cover each phase of our development plan, our targeted marketing strategies, and the unique benefits available to our token holders.

We also discuss our commitment to ensuring a stable and flourishing ecosystem through a thoughtful allocation to the liquidity pool. A notable feature of our tokenomics is the implementation of a 2.75% trade tax, where 18.18% of the collected tax or 0.5% of trade volume—will be redirected back to the liquidity pool and subsequently burned. This innovative approach not only enhances liquidity but also solidifies the token's credibility and long-term value.

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 10% of tokens are set aside for future developments, fueling the ongoing innovation and enhancement of the WebCusso platform. The roadmap we've shared is just the beginning. We're excited about the future as we plan to far exceed the current projections. The forthcoming phases will see the integration of diverse web services into one comprehensive extension, providing effective and straightforward solutions for daily browsing needs.

Development Commencement: Development of the WebCusso platform began in April, with the team dedicated to crafting a robust and user-centric online engagement tool. As of May 28th, we have successfully completed approximately 80% of the initial development, laying a solid foundation for the revolutionary features we plan to introduce.

Dedicated Testing Phase:
Mid June is earmarked for intensive testing of all functionalities to ensure a seamless and bug-free user experience. Our team is rigorously testing the platform to fine-tune performance and enhance security, ensuring WebCusso is optimized and ready for its public debut.

Artboard 18.jpg

10% of the tokens are reserved for the developments of Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3,  after the Platform's initial launch.

Phase 1

Launch and Developments

July - Public Launch:
WebCusso Extension is set to officially launch in July, introducing users worldwide to a new standard in web interaction. This launch will mark the beginning of a transformative journey in online engagement.

August - Optimizing Discussion Threads:
To enhance the organization and accessibility of discussions, August will focus on:

  • Merging Similar Threads: WebCusso will automatically consolidate threads that reference the same webpage under different URLs, caused due to dynamic links or tracking ids in the URL, reducing redundancy and enhancing the user experience.

  • Grouping Low-Traffic Discussions: We will implement domain-wide grouping for domains with fewer than 100 comments in total, with subtexts indicating the origin of each comment to preserve context. This feature will enrich the browsing experience on smaller sites by centralizing scattered discussions.

September - Token Integration:
Integration of the WebCusso tokens will empower users by connecting their wallets to the platform, allowing them to gain special benefits based on their token holdings.

October - Community Engagement and Rewards:
The introduction of a Rewards Point Center will foster community engagement and enhance the quality of content on the platform.

November - Extending Reach to All Major Browsers:
WebCusso will expand its reach beyond Google Chrome to include Safari, Edge, and Firefox by Q4 of 2024. This expansion will ensure that no matter the browser, users can engage in meaningful discussions and fully experience the capabilities of WebCusso.

December - Reimagining the Homepage:
December will see a major overhaul of the WebCusso homepage. Our redesigned homepage will feature an intuitive search function to navigate discussions by topic, website, or even specific interests like movies, Crypto project or Trading Pairs. This reimagining aims to streamline user interaction and consolidate discussions from the same domain, enhancing the navigation of content.

January 2025 - Launch of Mobile Apps:
The new year will begin with the launch of dedicated Android and iOS apps, bringing the power of WebCusso to mobile devices and ensuring users can engage in discussions anytime, anywhere.

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Phase 2

Unleashing Potential Across Multiple Suites:

   In Phase 2, WebCusso will unveil specialized Suites designed to enhance user engagement and productivity:

  • Productivity Suite: Specifically for professionals, this suite includes tools designed to boost productivity, coupled with marketing strategies to attract a broad professional user base.

  • Education Suite: Tailored for students, providing educational tools and resources that enrich learning experiences.

  • E-Commerce Suite: This suite offers a platform for unbiased reviews and features like price history charts, enhancing the shopping experience.

  • Personal Suite: Features like private note-taking on webpages, advanced bookmarking, and an enhanced clipboard are included to personalize and enhance each user's web experience.

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Phase 3

Pioneering AI-Enhanced Web Interactions:

Phase 3 will mark the advent of artificial intelligence transforming the browsing experience within the WebCusso platform. This future phase is all about integrating advanced AI functionalities into the WebCusso extension and platform to boost user engagement and productivity:

  • Webpage Summarizer: Users will be able to click a button on the WebCusso extension to instantly generate a detailed summary of the current webpage. This feature will extract key points and important information, providing actionable insights and helping users quickly grasp the essence of content without the need to read every detail.

  • Virtual Browsing Assistant: This AI-powered assistant will be accessible through the WebCusso extension and will help users navigate complex websites. Whether users need to locate specific sections such as pricing details or technical specifications, or require an overview of an article's main arguments, the Virtual Browsing Assistant will offer precise, real-time assistance. Users will simply type or speak their queries and let the assistant handle the navigation and information retrieval.

  • Query Bots: Users will engage with intelligent chatbots via the WebCusso extension. These bots will understand and respond to user queries regarding the content of the webpage. Specific questions like, “What are the main points of this analysis?” or “Where can I find user reviews on this product?” will receive instant, accurate answers, enhancing the user's understanding and streamlining the information retrieval process.

  • Fact-Checking Bot: In an era filled with misinformation, our Fact-Checking Bot will serve as a reliable tool for verifying the accuracy of online content. Activated from the WebCusso toolbar, this bot will quickly check facts against trusted databases and provide credibility scores, helping users discern between reliable and questionable information.

Artboard 7.jpg

  • Webpage Summarizer: Users will be able to click a button on the WebCusso extension to instantly generate a detailed summary of the current webpage. This feature will extract key p

  • Multimedia Analysis: This sophisticated tool will analyze images and videos on webpages to provide contextual information and determine if the media is AI-generated. It will offer summaries and identify key elements and patterns in visual content, helping users understand complex infographics or videos at a glance.

  • Smart Media Summaries: Designed for users on the go, this feature will offer concise descriptions or summaries of videos and images, which will be particularly useful for quickly understanding visual content without needing to view it in entirety.

  • Data Extraction and Summary: This utility will allow users to click on charts, graphs, and tables within an article to receive a textual summary that includes explanations of key trends and insights, simplifying complex data and making it easily accessible and understandable.

Each of these forthcoming AI-driven tools is designed to empower users to navigate the web more effectively, ensuring that every browsing session is not only productive but also insightful. The future of web engagement begins with WebCusso's Phase 3 innovations. 10% of the supply are reserved to commit for these development phases.

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Strategic Marketing Vision: Channeling 10% of Tokens for Dynamic Growth

         At WebCusso, 10% of our tokens are meticulously earmarked for marketing initiatives that are vital for attracting a diverse and broad user base, ensuring the platform reaches its full potential. Our goal is not merely to attract users but to forge a symbiotic relationship where both the platform and its community thrive together. 10% of our token supply fuels strategic marketing initiatives to cultivate a diverse and engaged user base. We'll attract crypto enthusiasts, content consumers, professionals, and more, while fostering a thriving community through targeted outreach and a rewarding Point Center system. This investment empowers users and unlocks WebCusso's full potential.

Empowering the Crypto Community: Targeted Crypto Outreach

      WebCusso is uniquely designed to transform the way traders and crypto enthusiasts interact online. As a browser extension, it allows users to engage in vibrant discussions directly over webpages like TradingView or Binance, or any project's official website. Traders can access WebCusso to exchange insights, participate in community-driven discussions, or start a new thread about a live chart, all without ever leaving their current webpage. This seamless integration empowers users to communicate and share trading strategies in real-time, enriching their market understanding and decision-making processes. Imagine looking at BTC/USDT Chart in Binance all day, but now you are given option to communicate with other traders looking at the same Chart. Or imagine you are visiting the official webpage of a project someone shared, and on visiting the website you are confused about their credibility, With WebCusso, as soon as you open the extension, you're greeted with honest feedback from former community members, where they shared insights on the project’s past failures to fulfill promises. With WebCusso now you can share opinions on any project without being censored by their Mods and Admins.

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A New Haven for Unfiltered Discussion: Marketing WebCusso as an Open Platform

WebCusso stands out by providing a discussion platform that is genuinely by the community, for the community, without the confines of Moderated environments like Telegram or Discord. How many times have we all been banned/removed/muted from various project's Telegram and Discord groups for pointing out their lies and fake promises? Whether it’s sharing scam alerts or celebrating hidden gems, users can freely express their thoughts without the fear of Censorship by Mods and Admins. With features like upvoting and downvoting and our unique "Mixed Sorting" method, every valuable insight gains the visibility it deserves, making WebCusso the go-to platform for researching and understanding any project.

Engaging Diverse Communities: Multi-Platform Marketing Campaigns:

Beyond crypto, WebCusso reaches into realms where traditional platforms fall short. For instance, OTT platform users who lack native commenting features can now use WebCusso to share and read reviews right on their streaming service pages. This functionality will extend to mobile users who, upon the launch of our dedicated apps, will be able to access discussions on movies or trading pairs directly from their devices, enhancing accessibility and engagement.

Holistic Suite Development: Suite-Focused User Acquisition Campaigns:

In alignment with our marketing objectives, we are developing specialized suites to cater to various user needs:

  • Productivity Suite: Tools designed to enhance professional productivity, supported by targeted marketing strategies to attract professionals.

  • Education Suite: Tailored resources for students to enrich their learning experiences.

  • E-Commerce Suite: A platform for unbiased reviews and considerations such as price history charts to support informed consumer decisions.

  • Personal Suite: Features like private note-taking, advanced bookmarking, and an integrated clipboard to elevate the personal browsing experience.

Artboard 18.jpg

Incentivizing Community Participation:

A dedicated portion of our marketing tokens will support our Rewards Point Center, which is set to launch in Q4. This system is designed to maximize user engagement by rewarding contributions with $100 worth to the top three leaderboard winners every two weeks, and a monthly top reward of $200, totaling up to $10,000 annually. This initiative not only encourages continuous and meaningful interaction but also ensures that high-quality content is consistently highlighted and rewarded.


With 10% of our tokens strategically used for marketing all the potential areas of webspace, WebCusso is poised to become the most influential and effective browser extension for community discussions across the web. Our comprehensive approach not only promises to enhance the platform's utility with innovative functionalities but also ensures that every user can have a voice and impact. Join us as we reshape the landscape of online discussions, making every webpage a potential hub of community insight and exchange.

    And that's all just about just the 30% reserved from the token supply. The remaining 70% got effective functionalities within the platform.

Artboard 3.jpg

$WebCXO Holder's Benefits

With just the 30% of our tokens, you read how exciting and committed we are to develop this platform to be the Next Big Thing, WebCusso is poised to become a major platform for public online commenting. And, for the remaining 70% of the supply, we are further excited to let you know that special benefits are awaiting to the token holders within the platform. 70% of the tokens are supplied to the liquidity pool—offered without private sales—underscores our commitment to transparency and broad accessibility.  

At WebCusso, we recognize and reward our community's investment in our vision. Following the initial launch of the platform as an extension, we are excited about our plan to announce the integration of token benefits into the platform, enhancing the functionality and rewarding our loyal users. Through the use of the Wallet Connect API, users will be able to link their wallets, containing $WEBCXO tokens, directly to their WebCusso profiles, unlocking a suite of exclusive features.

WebCusso is committed to fostering a fair and transparent token ecosystem. Here are some key aspects that demonstrate our dedication:

  • No Private Sales: We believe in a level playing field for all participants. There were no private sales of $WEBCXO tokens, ensuring fair access for everyone.

  • Open and Accessible Distribution: The entire token supply is distributed publicly, further emphasizing our commitment to transparency. This approach fosters trust within the community.

  • Liquidity Pool Focus (70%): A substantial portion (70%) of the $WebCXO token supply fuels the liquidity pool. This ensures the token remains readily available for users in the market, promoting stability and accessibility.

Following are our planned Special Benefits for the $WebCXO Token Holders:

Artboard 7.jpg

1. Enhanced Visibility and Influence in Discussions:

Everyone cares about their opinion to be heard by all. Token holders will enjoy privileged positioning within discussion threads, ensuring their opinions have greater visibility:

  • Golden Comments:  As the comments are sorted by most upvoted comments and most recent comments mixed simultaneously, it is quite satisfying for your opinion to be shown on the top list.  The first comment and every fifth comment within a discussion thread will be reserved for users holding the highest number of tokens. This feature ensures that the insights of our most invested users are prominently displayed, providing them with a significant platform to influence discussions.

  • The upvoted comments make sure resourceful and helpful opinions has its priority in the discussion threads , while the recent comments being mixed in between, gives a fair chance for recent opinions to also have a space, and this lately mentioned special display of golden comments by token holders gives the special benefits to platform's investors without neglecting anything else. Everyone cares about their opinion to be heard by all.

Artboard 7.jpg

2. Point Center Advantages:

The Point Center is designed to incentivize quality content and active participation. $WebCXO holders will benefit significantly within this system:

  • Increased Participation Limits: To prevent misuse and ensure high-quality content, WebCusso imposes limits on certain point-earning activities. Token holders will benefit from an increased limit—10% higher than standard users—providing them with more opportunities to contribute and ascend the leaderboards.

  • Leadership and Reward Opportunities: Token holders are given additional chances to earn rewards and recognition through our Point Center. This system incentivizes the creation of high-quality content and fosters a more engaging community atmosphere.

Artboard 7.jpg

3. Extended Comment Capabilities:

As a $WebCXO holder, engaging in discussions becomes more dynamic and expressive:

  • Extended Character Limits: Token holders will be able to express their thoughts more expansively, with comment character limits doubled compared to those of free users. This allows for more thorough discussions and detailed explanations, enriching the dialogue on the platform.

  • Link Sharing: Unlike free users, token holders have the ability to include links directly in their comments. This enables richer interactions and the sharing of valuable resources, further enhancing the utility and interconnectedness of discussions.

4. Enhanced Profile Features

Token holders will enjoy more vibrant and engaging profile capabilities:

  • Multimedia Integration: Token holders can enhance their profiles with images and animations, making their personal and promotional posts more engaging and visually appealing. In contrast, free use profiles are limited to text content and links.

Artboard 7.jpg

A Balanced Approach to Inclusion and Innovation

      At WebCusso, we've crafted our tokenomics and platform functionalities to ensure that while our $WebCXO holders receive special privileges, the platform remains accessible and highly beneficial to all users. This strategic approach not only honors our investors with exclusive benefits but also upholds our commitment to maintaining a free and ad-free environment. By avoiding reliance on ads and sponsorships, we ensure an uninterrupted and engaging user experience that centers on content quality and user interaction.

      Our model is designed to balance privileges with accessibility. Token holders enjoy enhanced features that allow them to influence, engage, and lead within the community more effectively. These advantages are critical, as they help sustain the platform's development and foster a richer, more interactive community environment.

      However, the essence of WebCusso is inclusivity. Non-token holders are not left behind; they too can enjoy the core functionalities of the platform, which are designed to deliver a fulfilling experience. We believe that every voice matters, and our platform reflects this philosophy by ensuring that every user, regardless of token ownership, has their opinions heard and valued. And that is why most upvoted and most recent comments are equally sorted at the top of the list.


 Our goal is to democratize online interactions, making WebCusso a beacon for open, fair, and impactful discussions across the web.

Artboard 3.jpg


WebCusso Tokenomics: A Visionary Approach to Sustaining Innovation:

At WebCusso, we're committed to building a platform that not only thrives today but continues to lead and innovate for decades to come. To achieve this, we are introducing a modest tax 2.75% on trades. This small contribution by each participant plays a crucial role in ensuring the long-term sustainability and growth of the platform.


Here’s why this decision is not only necessary but extraordinarily beneficial:

Artboard 7.jpg
  1. Economical Transaction Costs:
    Unlike Ethereum, where users often face high gas fees for transactions, WebCusso has chosen to build on the Base blockchain, which is renowned for its lower transaction costs. This strategic decision ensures that our minimal trade tax is barely noticeable, providing a stark contrast to the significant expenses often encountered on networks with higher fees. This shift to Base not only reduces the financial burden on our users but also enhances the platform's sustainability and accessibility. Why endure the excessive costs associated with Ethereum when a minimal tax on Base offers a more cost-effective and user-friendly solution, and contribute for the Platform's growth? By opting for Base, WebCusso aligns with a blockchain that supports our vision of affordable and accessible online discussions, ensuring that our platform remains sustainable and attractive to a global audience.


  2. Maximizing Platform Development Funds: 
    The revenue generated from these modest trade taxes is vital for sustaining and expanding WebCusso. This income supports everything from covering server costs to deploying innovative features, ensuring that WebCusso continues to offer a premier platform for vibrant online discussions. Additionally, 0.5% of the total volume each day is redirected back to the liquidity pool, as Auto-Liquidity, strengthening our liquidity base and enhancing the token's value. By reinvesting these funds back to the community, we ensure that WebCusso remains a dynamic and robust environment for users to engage in meaningful conversations across the web.

Artboard 7.jpg

3. Ad-Free Experience:
By choosing to fund our platform through a minimal sales tax instead of advertisements, we preserve the quality of user experience. This ensures that discussions and interactions on WebCusso remain focused and meaningful, free from the clutter and distraction of commercial ads.


4. Enhancing Multimedia Functionality:
As WebCusso evolves, incorporating more multimedia content will naturally lead to higher server costs. The revenue from the sales tax will directly support these enhancements, allowing users to share and interact with images and videos, enriching the community interaction.

Artboard 7.jpg

5. Sustainable Rewards System:

Beyond initial funding allocated for the Point Center System, the tax revenue will continually support the System to continue for all years to come. The Point Center is such a major strategy of the platform as it would make the platform grow rapidly, encourage maximum user engagement with the platform, as well as insist to have quality contents.The idea of Upvoting and Downvoting comment posts with points earned for getting Upvotes and points lost for getting Downvotes, Users will be insisted to post quality and useful comments, while pushing down non worthy comments. So, with this Tax revenue, bigger and exciting rewards can be announced for each Terms, encouraging bigger and better user engagement, making the WebCusso a powerhouse in sharing insights, opinions and information.  


This Point Center System not only rewards users for their contributions but also ensures long-term engagement and content quality. As we look beyond the first year, these funds from the Tax Revenue will allow for larger and more frequent rewards, further motivating quality participation and content creation. Read more about the Point Center System to learn how this strategy would help the platform to thrive, and with the revenue generated from these Taxes, the Rewards for the Point Leaderboard winners can be enlarged significantly.

Artboard 7.jpg

6. A Self-Sustaining Ecosystem:
Unlike many platforms, WebCusso avoids premium service charges that can alienate users. Instead, these small transaction taxes ensure that all users—regardless of financial commitment—can enjoy a full-featured, robust platform that grows in value for everyone involved.


7. A Step Towards Decentralization:
By reinvesting the tax revenues back into the platform as Liquidity in DEXs, bigger and frequent rewards and future developments, we strengthen our commitment to decentralization. This financial strategy supports ongoing improvements and community-driven enhancements, reducing reliance on external funding sources and keeping the platform's future firmly in the hands of its users.

Artboard 7.jpg

8. Continuous Improvement and Updates:
Revenue from the transaction tax will be allocated towards continuous platform updates and feature enhancements. This ensures that WebCusso can adapt to changing technology and user expectations, keeping the platform modern, fast, and responsive. Regular updates enhance user experience and ensure the platform remains competitive and relevant.

9. Support for Scalability and Growth: As WebCusso grows, the infrastructure needs to scale accordingly to accommodate an increasing number of users and discussions. The funds from the transaction tax will support scaling efforts such as server expansion, bandwidth upgrades, and enhanced data handling capabilities, ensuring the platform can grow without compromising performance or user experience.

Artboard 7.jpg

Strengthening Liquidity and Enhancing Token Stability with Trade Tax Redistribution

Tax Redistribution Strategy

      WebCusso implements a 2.75% trade tax on both buying and selling transactions, a strategic move designed to sustain the platform's operations and enhance its financial health. From this, a significant portion—18.18% of the collected tax—is automatically directed back into the liquidity pool (LP) through a smart contract mechanism. This systematic reinvestment is pivotal in maintaining liquidity and ensuring smooth transactional processes for all users.

Burning Liquidity Tokens to Secure Stability

      The redirected funds are not merely added to the liquidity pool; the corresponding liquidity tokens are also burned. This action permanently removes these tokens from circulation, effectively locking in the added liquidity. By burning these tokens, WebCusso ensures that the liquidity pool's volume grows incrementally each day, while simultaneously reducing the total number of liquidity tokens over time. This deliberate burning of LP tokens enhances the overall value of remaining tokens and solidifies the platform's economic foundation.

Impact on Liquidity Pool Strength

      This strategy of continuously adding to and locking the liquidity provides a robust defense against volatility and token price manipulation. A stronger liquidity pool translates to less price slippage and more stable trading conditions for token holders. As liquidity is a cornerstone of any trading platform, this approach ensures that WebCusso remains attractive to both new users and seasoned traders looking for reliable trading environments.

Artboard 7.jpg

Positive Price Implications for Token Holders

      Over time, the continual addition and locking of liquidity have a compounding positive effect on the token's price. By increasing the liquidity pool's depth, it becomes harder for large orders to significantly impact the token's price, thereby reducing volatility and encouraging more sustainable price growth. This stability is likely to attract long-term investors who prioritize security and predictability in their investments.

Market Capitalization and Trade Volume Synergy

      The dynamic of automatically reinvesting a portion of trade taxes into the liquidity pool aligns perfectly with the overall market activity. As trading volume increases, so too does the amount reinvested, leading to a natural and proportional enhancement of the market capitalization. This relationship promises a virtuous cycle of growth and reinforcement, where increased trading activity leads to greater liquidity and, consequently, a higher market cap. This not only benefits token holders through potential price appreciation but also enhances the platform's appeal to new participants, fostering a thriving community around WebCusso's ecosystem.

Artboard 7.jpg

      The strategic redirection of trade taxes into the liquidity pool, coupled with the burning of liquidity tokens, is a testament to WebCusso's commitment to creating a resilient, stable, and growth-oriented platform. This innovative financial model not only supports the platform's long-term sustainability but also directly benefits token holders by fostering a stable trading environment and enhancing the inherent value of their investments. By leveraging these mechanisms, WebCusso is poised to revolutionize the way online interactions and transactions are conducted, setting a new standard for transparency, reliability, and user empowerment in the digital space.​

      This balanced Reinvestment of generated Tax revenue back to the platform as Auto-liquidity and as rewards ensures that while Token traders and Token Holders  contribute to the platform and benefit from the platform from its potential growth and scopes in unique ways, the overall WebCusso Community thrives—a diverse ecosystem where interactions are driven by shared interests and genuine engagement rather than financial influence. Our goal is to democratize online interactions, making WebCusso a beacon for open, fair, and impactful discussions across the web.

Our mission is in shaping the future of online communication, where every contribution is valued, and every participant can enjoy a rich, ad-free experience. WebCusso: where your voice, regardless of your investment status, plays a pivotal role in our vibrant community.

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